One of the many colorful street signs in Madrid
(read the story about this interesting sign)

Welcome to this Spanish Website. On this website you will be able to do on-line practice, download vocabulary lists, get grammar tips and learn about the Spanish language and cultural. We hope this site increases your desire to learn more about the Spanish Language and the culture and customs of the people who speak the Spanish language.  This website is maintained by the Spanish Language Teachers of your school system, with technical assistance provided by a volunteer.

Copito de Nieve

Land of the Rabbits?

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1963? - 2003

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De Fiesta Por España

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"Con mi caballo hablo en alemán, con las damas de la Corte en italiano, los
asuntos de hombres los trato en francés, pero para hablar con Dios uso solo el español."
- attributed to Charles V (1500 - 1558)

"It is good to live and learn."
Don Quixote Part II. Chap. XXXII

"Quien dice España dice todo" - "Whoever speaks of Spain says it all"


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