Every region of Spain is rightly proud of its distinct cuisine, from Andalucía's gazpacho to Valencia's omnipresent paella. In general, light sauces and fresh produce combine to make eating out in Spain a joy.

Start your day the Spanish way with desayuno, breakfast: this light meal may include strong white coffee, bollos (rolls) with jam, or after a good night out thick hot chocolate, accompanied con churros (sweet, fried batter).

La comida, (lunch) is the biggest meal of the day, traditionally several courses and several hours long. Many people go home for the meal, and restaurants are busy by 2pm -- starters, a main course and pudding is the usual up and down the country.

Spaniards eat the latest dinner in Europe: well after 9 at night! La cena (dinner/supper) starts even later, up 'til midnight, during the hotter summer months

Regional Specialities

The Basque (Pais Vasco) is located in Northern Spain.  Like Galacia it borders the sea, therefore much of their cuisine centers around seafood.  Basque Cooking

The Galacian area is located in Northwest Spain above Portugual.  As you would expect because they are located on the Atlantic Ocean much of their cusine centers around seafood.  They do however, have many other dishes including Roast Kid!  Galacian Cooking

Food Terms
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