Here are some recipes from the Basque (Pais Vasco) area of Spain.  The Basque have always been great fishermen.  They have and still do travel all the way off the coast of New England and Newfoundland in search of fish.   Since they are fishermen their traditional foods include a lot of seafood dishes.   Cod played a very important role in economy.  Similar to the other provinces, but perhaps even more so the Basque not only have their own unique language, Euskara, but also some very unique recipes.  For fun those recipes marked with an asterisk are presented side by side in Euskara so you can see some of their language.

Pil Pil's Cod*
Squid In Its' Own Ink

Koxkera's Hake*
Bacalao (Salt Cod)
Pig's Feet
Basque Tongue and Sauce
Gateau Basque


All recipes on this page courtesy of  Buber's Basque Page.   Additional credit given at the end of each receipe.

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