There are many ways to learn Spanish from other than a text book.  Fortunately Spanish is a very common language in the United States.  You have many more opportunities to see and hear it than you would with another language.   You can use this to further your learning of Spanish.  Mostly this will allow you to increase your vocabulary, but in some cases you may also further your knowledge of grammar. 

A good way to learn Spanish on your own is to visit the Spanish food aisle at the grocery store.  Look at the labels on the cans and compare what it to the picture of the fruit or vegetable on the labels.  Or even better visit a Spanish language grocery store in your neighborhood.  Look at the various signs.   Particularly notice words that appear on multiple signs and write these down.   Keep a list of all the words and their possible meanings.  Later look them up in a Spanish dictionary.  Then create flashcards to help you to review and learn the words.

This is just one of the ways that people from other countries increase their knowledge of English.  Below we will give you two opportunities to further your knowledge of Spanish. 

A subscription card from National Geographic en Espaņol
This is a simple exercise.  You are shown various parts of a subscription card from the Spanish language version of National Geographic.  Use your knowledge of what should appear on that card in English to figure out what is written in Spanish.

A Christmas Story - The Movie
One very common way that people in another country learn English is by watching movies with subtitles.  Subtitles in Spanish are starting to appear on a number of DVD movies.  On these pages we introduce you to Spanish vocabulary and grammar from the movie 'A Christmas Story.'  Don't try to learn all of the vocabulary.  Just pick out those words or phrases that you find interesting.  If you need any help understanding a word or phrase then ask your teacher.

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