Island Area Sq. Miles Population (1996) Pop Sq. Miles
Tenerife 786 Sq. Miles 665,562 847.9/Sq. Mile
Fuerteventura 641 Sq. Miles 41,629 64.9/Sq. Mile
Gran Canaria 602 Sq. Miles 714,139 1186.3/Sq. Mile
Lanzarote 327 Sq. Mile 77,233 236.2/Sq. Mile
La Palma 327 Sq. Mile 81,521 298.6/Sq. Mile
La Gomera 143 Sq. Mile 16,978 118.7/Sq. Mile
El Hiero 104 Sq. Mile 8,338 80.2/Sq. Mile
All Islands 2,875 Sq. Miles 1,605,400 558.4/Sq. Mile


To allow a comparison, this is the area of other islands in different parts of the world:

Big Island of Hawai'i (Hawaiian Islands) 4.037 sq.miles
Bali (Indonesia) 2.171 sq.miles
Mallorca (Balearic Isl.) 1.405 sq.miles
Mauritius (Indian Ocean) 720 sq.miles
Guadeloupe (Antillas) 687 sq.miles
Oahu (Hawaiian Islands) 593 sq.miles
Rodhes (Egean Sea) 540 sq.miles
Martinique (Antillas) 425 sq.miles
Tahiti (Polinesia) 402 sq.miles
Corfu (Ionian Sea) 229 sq.miles
Man (Irish Sea) 227 sq.miles
Ibiza (Balearic Isl.) 221 sq.miles
Wight (British Isles) 147 sq.miles
Jersey (Channel islands) 45 sq.miles

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