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The Country of Spain is located in southwest Europe.  Along with the country of Portugal, Spain occupies the Iberian Peninsula.   Spain actually has two countries on it's northern border, France and the very tiny country of Andorra.  A good portion of Spain's  western border is shared with Portugal.  Although you cannot see it on this map at the southern tip of the country, almost where Spain touches the continent of Africa, is the Rock of Gibraltar.   The Rock of Gibraltar was captured by the British in 1713 and in 1830 became a colony.  So in a way Spain shares at least a portion of its southern border with Great Britain.  Although it cannot be seen on this map almost directly across from Gibraltar, Spain has a colony, Ceuta, located in the country of Morocco.  It has an additional colony, Melilla also located on the northern coast of Morocco.  Click on the country of Spain for a closer look.

World Book map; map data (c), Inc