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The Palacio Real (Royal Palace) is the largest palace in Europe.  The actual name is the Palacio Oriente (East Palace), but it is hardly ever referred to by that name.  It has 2,800 rooms, over 110 (main) doors, 870 window, 270 balconies and 44 staircases and a banquet hall with a table that can seat 140 people!  It was used by the Kings and Queen of Spain from 1734 until 1931.  It was originally commissioned by Felipe V in 1734 and construction took 26 years.  During that time two more kings, Carlos III and Carlos IV also influenced the design and decor.  The current King of Spain, Juan Carlos I lives in the more modest Zarzuela Palace outside of Madrid, but the Palacio Royal is still used for state occasions. 

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