One of the more famous architectural sites in Segovia is "Casa de los Picos" (House of the Points).  The house was originally built in the 15th century, but was later bought by a noble who added the distinctive points.   He changed the look of the house, because he did not like the former name "House of the Twig".  He did not want to be known as the man who lives in the "House of the Twig". Next to the house, there was a gate, demolished in 1883, that was known as the Gate of Saint Martin. It was the principal gate of the city walls, and before any lords or monarchs could cross it, they had to make an oath to obey the charter and laws of the city of Segovia.

As the rays of the sun change during the day, the points make the front of the building seem to change.  Today the Casa de los Picos is home of the Artistic School of Applied Arts.

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