The Crest of Valencia
To begin our adventure of learning about Valencia you clicked on the crest (symbol) of Valencia.  It is a very interesting crest with a bat situated on top of a crown and two L's.   Click here to learn more about the crest

Location and Size of Valencia
Valencia is Spain's third largest city.  Only Madrid and Barcelona are larger.   It is located on the Mediterranean sea almost directly east of Madrid.  Click here to locate Valencia

The History of Valencia
Valencia first began as a Roman city in 138 B.C.  The Romans gave this city the name Valentia.  Click here to read more about the history of Valencia

Pictures of Valencia
See some of the various sites of Valencia.  Click here to see the pictures

Valencia Club de Fútbol
Valencia Football Club (or soccer as we call it here) is one of the best teams in the world.  Click here to read more and to see some pictures

See Valencia Live!
This web camera shows the Plaza de la Virgen.  There is not only a real-time camera, but also screen shots from 4 times during the day.  Remember Spain is 6 hours ahead of Connecticut.  But still you will be amazed how crowded the Plaza is even at Midnight.  See a real time picture of Valencia #1 

For a shot of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) follow this link.  In the background you can see the Train Station - see a real time picture of Valencia #2

The Weather in Valencia
Because Valencia is located on the Mediterranean Sea the temperature does not get too cold during the winter.  The sea breezes also keep the temperature from getting to hot in the summer.  Click here to see the current weather conditions and forecast


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