This website could not exist without the following websites who were kind enough to grant us permission to use content.

While each has already received a credit link whenever possible on the actual page where their material was used, we are providing a more detailed explanation of their site on this page.  When you have free time you may wish to visit these sites in order to further your education of Spain and the Spanish language.  All the music presented on this site are midi files created for public use.  Most of the music has some connection to Spain, usually by the composer being Spanish. There are a few that have more of connection to the topic and do not necessarily have a connection to Spain.   The java scripts and java applets used on some of the pages were obtained from public use sites.   Credit was retained in the source code.

These websites are presented in no particular order of importance.   Please report inactive links to the Webmaster.

Addio Gallery
Professor Massoud Malek's artist webpage.  Professor Malek has arranged this website according to painting style and classification.

All About Spain
A very inclusive site containing a wealth of information about Spain and its regions.

Complete information about the Andalucia region of Southern Spain.

Buber's Basque Page
An extensive webpage containing information about the Basque region of Spain.

Eby: Favorite Photographs
Professor David E. Eby's photographs from his trips around the world, including Spain.

First International Collection of Tongue-Twisters
This site contains 1830 entries in over 75 languages.

Golden Age Sonnets
Professor Alix Ingber's translation of over 100 Spanish sonnets from the 16th & 17th century.

This website has extension information on Madrid, including history, festivals, museums, food, etc.

Madrid Man's Yankee Homepage
An extensive webpage containing information about Madrid and other locations in Spain.

Mark Harten's Art Archive
A listing of artists and their pictures of their more famous paintings. 

International Civic Arms
This site is completely devoted to civic heraldry, i.e. coats of arms of countries, states, provinces, towns, villages etc. The site is not restricted to any country.   It does not contain any information on the coats of arms of individuals.

Professor Fred Jehle's Website
Information on the Spanish language, Spanish poetry and Miguel Cervantes.

Rías Baixus Tourist Board
Complete  information on the Pontvedra province in Galacia. 

St. Paul's School - Barcelona
A website developed by students explaining the various Spanish festivals and traditions.

Sañtína-Amat Family's Homepage
Visit this family and learn about their hometown of Vilonova I la Geltrú.

Saraphina Mosey
A pictural journal of her trip through Spain.

Senorita Salamanca's Website
A combination Middle School website and introduction to Salamanca

Softguide Barcelona
Information on Barcelona.

Softguide Madrid
Information on Madrid.

Spain - A Journey Through Andalucía
Douglas Hall's 1999 journey through Andalucía.

Spanish Literature
This website of Alfredo Vila contains information on the major Spanish authors and poets including selections from their works and background information.

Spanish Pronto!
This extensive website contains links covering all aspects of the Spanish language

The Canary Balcony
Website of Julio Rancel.  A complete website on the Canary Islands containing not only original material but numerous links.

The Spanish Parlour
Another website of Julio Rancel.  This contains links for information about Spain.   Most of the midi files that provide the music on this site were obtained from this website. 

Traveling in Spain
A guide to Malega, Ronda, Cordo, Madrid & Toledo.

Tourist Office of Spain - USA
The official website for the Tourist Office of Spain in the United States.  It contains numerous links, pictures, movies clips of Spain.

An extensive picturial of several cities in Spain.

Wandering Web Pages - Spain
Peter Hill and Linda Pan's picturial journey through Spain

A website that appears frequently on link pages.  It contains information about the Spanish language, including among other things a translation of Beatles lyrics.

World Sites Atlas
Information about countries and cities throughout the world.

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