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Spain produced and still produces some of the greatest artists the world has known.   From Diego Velazquez, who some consider to be one of the world's best artist, to Salavador Dalí, who set new standards for art.  Click on the link to learn more about these artists and to see one of their paintings.  Spanish Artists

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There are 17 autonomous communities in Spain.  They roughly equate to the states in the U.S.  Presented here will be some brief information on each of the communities. Autonomous Communities

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Here you will experience the food and cooking of Spain.  Because each province has their own style of cooking we will attempt to have information on the food from each. Spanish Cooking

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Spain has many individuals who made their mark on world history.  Read about such people as "El Cid", Cervantes and others.   Famous People

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Festivals play an important part in the Spanish culture.  Click here to see a list of some of the Spanish festivals and to learn more about each one. Festivals

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The flags of a country can be an interesting way to learn something about the history and culture of a country, province (in Spain called Autonomous Communities) or city.   Follow the link to see and learn more about Spanish flags.  Spanish Flags

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