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Spanish literature does not simply consist of Don Quixote by Cervantes.  Click the following link to not only find more information about Cervantes and what other novels and plays that he wrote but also information about several other Spanish novelist and Poets.   Spanish Literature

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Here you can view pictures from several cities and locations in Spain.  Pictures


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World Sites Atlas was kind enough to let us reproduce 5 quizzes that they had developed concerning Spain.  They are multiple choice and self-grading.  In addition they provide links to research the answers.  This is a good way to learn more about Spain. Quizzes

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Click the following link to see the current weather conditions in Barcelona, Bilbao, Cordoba, Granada, Madrid, Valencia, Vitoria.. Weather

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Would you like check out the traffic on the Gran Via in Barcelona or the Gran Plaza in Seville.  How about see who is walking down the beach in Gijón or the view of Santiago de Compostela from Monte Pedroso.  Webcams

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