On this page you will be able to review the various types of activities and exercises that are available.  As some of these are actual activities and exercises used in the website you may have to utilize your browser's back button to return to this page.  None of the scripts or applets used in these activities or exercises were created by the webmaster.  They are in a number of cases scripts or applets that are available free for non-commercial use.   For others this site was granted permission to modify the content and the script for use on this website.  In all cases the copyright of the original owner has been retained in the script.  Should you wish to utilize these scripts you should contact the original owner.  Some activities and exercises were created using a program called Hot Potatoes

While an attempt has been made to have exercises and activities reside on the website, this site does utilize an educational site called Quia.  Some activities or exercises will point the student to the Quia® website.  With most Quia® activities or exercises the students are given an option of seeing a list of vocabulary terms used.

Some activities or exercises have limitations in the number of vocabulary words that can be used or the number of questions that they can contain.  There is of course a limit to the time that may be available (particularly if the activities or exercises are being completed in school) for the students to complete them.  With some Quia activities or exercises you can limit the number of vocabulary words or questions that are utilized at any one time, however, all vocabulary words or questions may randomly appear at any time.

While usually activities and exercises are cross-browser compatible (Internet Explorer and Netscape) occasionally an exercise will appear in an Internet Explorer version and a Netscape version.  You need to chose the one that is appropriate for your browser.   Running the incorrect version may not give you the full functionality and when you attempt to exit by using your back button will place you in a loop.  Then only way you will be able to exit the activity or exercise is by closing the website.  If you don't know which browser you have click here: Test My Browser.  Some activities or exercises require that the browser be Java enabled.

The activities and exercises will be grouped according to a common theme.  This will allow you to view like activities and exercises.  While most activities and exercises are unique, some will be a variation of another activity or exercise.  This is usually done to demonstrate another possible use for the activity or exercise.

For the purposes of this website the difference between an activity and and an exercise are as follows.

Not all of the activities or exercises are designed to be completed on-line.  Some may require the participant to first print-out the activity or exercise and complete it using a pen or pencil. 

This website will accept submitted applications and exercises that have been designed using Hot Potatoes® or the website.  Submissions should be sent to the Webmaster.  Once the application or exercise has been reviewed and approved it will be placed in the appropriate section of the website with credit given to the author. 



In addition to the above I have included a page that contains links to the Spanish language websites of other schools. This will give you an opportunity to view the approach that other schools are taking.


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