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This is the official flag of Spain.  Sometimes the flag is shown without the coat of arms. 

In 1981 the following state arms were adopted, namely: Quarterly Castile, Leon, Aragon and Navarra, en surtout France, closed crown, pillars of Hercules. The colors in the Spanish flag probably originated in the colors of the original Spanish kingdoms' coats-of-arms.Castile has a yellow castle on a red field, Leon has a purple -sometimes dark red- lion carrying a yellow crown on a white field, Catalonia/Aragon has four red vertical pallets on a yellow field, Navarre a yellow chain on a red field.

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Much like the states in the U.S., each of the seventeen Autonomous Communities of Spain have their own flag.  Click the links below to see some of these flags: (Wait for the application on the left to load and watch all 17 flags.  Put your mouse over the flag and look at the status bar in the left hand corner below to see its name.)

Canary Islands

See all of the Flags

Even some of the cities have their own flag.  Click below to see the flag of the the City of Seville and the interesting explanation behind the flag.



All the information concerning flags was taken from a very informative website, Flags of the World (FOTW) .