Typical dishes include:

Chanfaina A rice dish with small pieces of meat and sausage
Chichas Pickled pork which is fried and minced
Chochos Hard aniseed cakes
Bollo Maimón A large sponge cake
Calderillo Bejarano A meat and potato stew
Alemendras de Santa Terera Almond cakes
Manitas de Cerdo Rebozadas Breaded pig's feet
Lechazo Asado Baby lamb
Presas de Ternera Veal dish
Bacalao a ajo Arriero A cod and garlic dish
Pulpo a la Sanabresa Octopus
El Rebojo Sponge cake dipped in flour
Magdelenas Small sponge cakes
Chanfaina Salmantina A dish made with rice, giblet, lamb sweatbread and pieces of chorizo

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