Typical dishes include

El Frite A stew prepared with baby lamb
La Caldereta A stew prepared with baby goat (kid) cut into piece, fried with peppers and seasoned with mashed liver, raw garlic and red peppers
Pastorejos Slices of meat from the head of a lamb served with fried eggs
Cachuela A thick heavy soup prepared with sweetbreads, liver and tripe
Las Mijas Bread soaked in water, fried with pieces of bacon and peppers
El Gazpacho Extremeño A soup with pieces of tomato and onion
Sopas Engañadas A soup with pepper, onion shoots in vinegar, figs and grapes
El Ajo de Peces de Rio Garlic with river fish
El Bacalao del Convento Cod with potatoes, spinach and some broth
Escaldadillas A dessert made with dough soaked in orange juice and then fried

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