Typical dishes include

Habas con Jamón Broad beans with ham
Cazuela de habs Broad bean casserole
Alboronia Mixture of vegetables, spices and olive oil
Tortilla Sacromonte An omelet with a mixture of vegetables
Olla de San Antón Broad beans, pig's ear or head, bacon and blood sausage
Olla Podria A stew of lamb, pork, veal, chicken, pigeon, sausage, ham, vegetables (cabbage, leeks, turnips, carrots, artichokes), prunes and dried apricots
Fritura de pescado Fish fry
Boquerones Abobados Fresh marinated anchovies
Cazuela de Pescado Frito Fried fish casserole
Moraga de Sardinas Sardines prepared with white wine, garlic, olive oil, parsley and lemon juice
Migas Fried bread crumps seasoned with garlic and paprika
Sopa de Mariscos Seafood soup
Pipirrana Jaenera Cucumber and tomato salad
Ensalada de Perdiz Partridge salad
Jamón Serrano A type of ham
Cordero al Ajillo Pastor A lamb dish
Pan de Higos Fig bread
El Chanquete Fresh baby anchovy
El Gazpacho Consists of bread, oil, garlic, water and tomato
El Caldillo de Perro A soup made with onions, fresh fish and orange juice.  It literally means "Dog Soup"
Cazuela de Fideos A noodle dish made with beans, cod and a variety of spices
Moragas de Sardina Sardines prepared on a spit
Huevos a la Flamenca Eggs, cooked in an oven on a bed of tomatoes, chorizo, ham, green beans, fried potatoes, red peppers, and peas.   It is served cut into small pieces.
Menudo Gitano Tripe
El Cocido a la Sevillana A stew in which meat is fried with beaten eggs
Ternera a la Sevillan Larded veal with wine and olives
Las Tortas Oil cakes

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