Typical dishes include

Sobrasada A spicy red sausage spread made of finely minced raw meat, cured and seasoned with paprika and cayenne pepper
Ensaimada A half-bun, half-pastry made with flour and lard
Sopas Mallorquinas A soup with a blend of meat, seasonal vegetables, thinly cut slices of brown bread, onion and tomato
Tumbet A ratatouille-like baked vegetable dish, containing potatoes, fried peppers, eggplant, covered in a tomato sauce and seasoned with bay leaf
Escaldums Duck or turkey stew with potatoes and almonds
Caldereta de Langosta Lobster stew
Cabello de Angel A fibrous pumpkin jam (usually the filling for an Ensaimada)
Rubiols A pastry made from flour and aniseed filled with cottage cheese or jam

The Baleares Islands, specifically Menorca is famous as the birthplace of Mayonnaise

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