Typical dishes include

Samfaina A sauce made from a half-cooked mixture of tomato, pepper and aubergine.
Sofrito A fried sauce made with garlic, onion, tomato and parsley.
Picada A sauce made with garlic, parsley, toasted almonds and chopped pine seeds.
Ali-Oli A dressing made with olive oil and garlic, mashed slowly into a creamy paste.
Butifarra A sausage which is roasted or fried and served with monteges, white beans.
Mar y Cel "Sea and Heaven", this dish contains sausages, rabbit, shrimp and angler.
La Cassolada A potato and vegetable stew with bacon, ribs, or lamb's head and legs, or lamb's feet and turnips.
Romesco A sauce made with olive oil, red peppers, bread and perhaps, garlic, almonds, congnac and vinegar.
Barcelona is noted for a stew that includes beef, hen, bacon, pig's ear, lean pork, chickpeas, beans, potatoes, cauliflower, egg, turnips, carrots, flour, pepper, cinnamon and parsley.

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