Typical dishes include:

Gazapacho Manchego A plate of game such as partridge, rabbit or hare cooked with ham, giant mushrooms, and bay leaves.
Huevas a la porreta Scrambled egg with onion, lightly fried, to which brain cut into small pieces is added.
Tiznao Minced baked cod, dry baked piementos, garlic, onions, oil and water.
Migas Breadcrumbs fried in oil and garlic with diced ham, bacon and sausage.
Tortilla a la magra Ham omelette
Sopa castallana Consommé with egg and bread.
Caldereta de cordero Lamb stew.
Cuchifrito Well season fricasee of kid or lamb.
Toledanas Shortcakes with quince jam filling, topped with almonds.
Marquesas Marzipan cupcakes dusted with icing.
El Moje Manchego A cold broth with black olives
El Mojete Potatoes sautčed with garlic, paprika, tomato and bay leaf, to which a poached egg is added
El Asadillo Red peppers cut into pieces, roasted with a dressing of garlic, tomato and oil
El Morteruelo A pate type dish made with pork liver, giblets, game and a variety of spices
Tojunto Mountain rabbit, garlic, onion, green peppers, olive oil cooked together.   Its actual name is "Todo Junto", (everything together)
Los Bizcochá Manchega Cake soaked in milk sugar, vanilla and cinnamon

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