Typical dishes include:

Valencian Paella Made with chicken, rabbit, green vegetables and white snails (baquetes)
Arroz al Horno Baked rice
El Tombet Lamb stew with white snails (baquetes)
Squid a la romana Squid fried in flour and egg
Arros a Banda A paella based on fish
Arros Negre A paella with squid in inky sauce
Paella de Verduras A paella with vegetables
Arros a Forn A paella prepared in the oven
Fideua Thin noodles, shellfish and fish
Alli Pebre A sauce made with garlic and pepper which normally accompanies eel
El Gazapacho Prepared with rabbit, partridge and "torte de pastor" (Shepard's pie)
Arroz con Costra Rice with chicken, rabbit, sausages, black pudding, chickpeas, spices and on top meatballs made of pork and bread crumbs
Cocido de Pelotas A stew whose main ingrediant is minced meat wrapped in cabbage leaves
Los Bajoques Farcides Peppers stuffed with rice, pork, potatoes and beans
La Pericana Cod, olive oil, dry peppers and garlic
El pato a la naranja Duck and orange
Valencia is most famous for its Paella dishes.  They have many different varieties.

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