Welcome to this Spanish Website.  It is our hope that this website will encourage your child to further their learning of the Spanish language.    This site was developed because of the opportunities that the Internet provides in such areas as language learning.  

This site was designed to be used as an in-school teaching tool.  But, because it is on the Internet it can also be used outside of the school.

We have attempted to present the materials in a pleasant and fun manner.  However, we have kept in mind that this is an educational site with the primary focus being the learning of Spanish.  Also understanding that children use a variety of methods in learning a language this website will always attempt to provide various types of reinforcement materials.

The website is more or less divided into two sections.  One section addresses language learning and contains vocabulary words and reinforcement exercises.  Recognizing that an integral part of learning a language includes the culture of the people who speak that language there is another section included with information on food, history, geography, artists, etc.  We have obtained the necessary permissions to use content and images from various websites.    This allows us to use only a relevant portion of a website.  In addition we were able to edit materials for length and scope and content.  All of the materials on this website are age appropriate and contain no reference to alcohol, violence or sex. 

The few times a student will have to leave the site may involve exploring the various webcams (real-time picture sites of various cities in Spain) or for certain educational re-enforcement materials such as practice quizzes, flashcards, matching games at Quia.com.  This is a well-known educational website that is used by a number of school throughout the country for just that purpose.  However, even use of that website will be limited and instead we will be attempting to provide similar materials on this website. 

This website is in its infancy.  We have concentrated on the country of Spain simply as a starting point (much as a site on the English language would logically begin with a study of England).  Once we have finished compiling the necessary information on Spain, we will begin devoting content to other Spanish speaking countries.  In the meanwhile we have added a section "Países de Habla Hispana" (Countries that speak Spanish) that will give the students an overview of the 20 countries and the island of Puerto Rico, where Spanish is the main or one of the main languages.  You can view this link from the homepage.

The student's page contains not only general materials, but also class specific materials.  If you wish to review the materials your child is learning you need only to click on the name of your child's Spanish teacher to be linked to the specific class page.  (This function is not in operation at this time.)

Any comments, concerns or suggestions  you may have about the website may be directed to the webmaster. 

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