Copito de Nieve

Snowflake was very healthy for most of his life as a result of receiving very special care at the zoo.  However, as he approached age 40 the veterinarians (animal doctors) discovered that he was ill and that he might not live too much longer.

Snowflake had developed a skin cancer which is very usual for albinos because they do not have a natural protection from the sun.  The doctors operated on him, but discovered that there was nothing they could do.  The cancer had spread into different parts of his body.  Unfortunately as a result of skin cancer, Snowflake developed a terrible big wound in his armpit.  

Doctors treated Snowflake with antibiotics and other drugs.  He was not in any pain because of his illness.  Snowflake continued to eat his favorite foods, which includes cookies and especially yogurt.  He spent a lot of time with his children and grandchildren.

For many years Snowflake was known for his strong and dominant character.  When people would come to visit him he would turn his back to them or he would charge them to try to scare them away.  Now, he became more friendly and he seemed to like it when had a lot of visitors.

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