Create you own dialog, by filling in the missing words, chosen from the following list.  Then look in the box to see if you have chosen the correct word.

adiós cómo llama  
me bien días  
llamas regular buenos  
la vista mañana  
1. Good Day.
 Buenos .
2. What is your name?
 ¿ Cómo te ?
3. My name is Alicia.
 Me Alicia.
4. My name is Ramón.
  llamo Ramón.
5. How are you, Alicia?
 ¿ estás, Alicia.
6. I am fine.
7. And you?
 ¿Y ?
8. Good.
9.Until tomorrow, Alicia.
 Hasta , Alicia.
10. Goodbye, Ramón.
11. Until we see each other.
 Hasta .