Click on your class below to see your weekly schedule.  Included will be links to the activities on the website that directly relate to what you have learned or are currently learning.  While you are certainly invited to visit the activites of the other classes you should only do so after you are comfortable with the activities related to your class studies.

The activities on this page may include the following:

Self Examination In these activities after reading a short passage you test your knowledge against the teacher's response.  There is no "grade" given for these exercises.
Multiple Choice You can choose from among possible answers.  In this activity you receive a grade. 
Flash Cards You review the vocabulary by using virtual flash cards.
Flash Cards - Advanced You type in translation of  a word.  You may translate from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish.
Fill-in-the-Blanks After reading a short passage you fill in the blanks.
Fun Activities These include "Hang Man", "Find A Word", "Concentration" and "Match Game."

Some of these activities require you to leave this website.  In which case to return you must utilize either your brower's back button or retype the address

Please note:  Sometimes there are pages specifically designed for advanced (High School) and for beginning (Middle School) Spanish language students.  Advanced pages will have the designation (H) after the link and beginning pages will have the designation (M) after the link.  In a number of cases there is no designation.   We are working on evaluating every page to give it an appropriate designation.   In some cases we will create similar type of pages, which are geared to appropriate level of learning.  Read more about it here.


Seņorita Elena
Fifth Grade

Seņorita Jones
Period #1, #4, #6
Period #2, #3, #5

Seņor Smith
Periods #1, #3, #4
Periods #2, #5, #6

Below are links on the website that are not related to a specific lesson or class.   They can be used by any student to further their knowledge of the Spanish language.

General Grammar

General Vocabulary by Topic
Non-Grammar Items Automatic Verb Conjugator (M)
Automatic Verb Conjugator (H)
Arabic Words used in Spanish False Friends (cognates)
Jokes, Riddles & Tongue Twisters Not quite a False Friend
Spanish - not from a textbook (M & H) Idioms
Specific Vocabulary Terms, Exercises & Quizzes
As vocabulary pages are built they will be added below.
These are much more extensive then found under the general
vocabulary link above. 
Animal Vocabulary/Quizzes Sports Vocabulary/Quizzes
Street Signs - Quiz One (M)
Street Signs - Quiz Two (M)

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